We try to make our planet better by reducing waste.

  • Sep 07, 2022
  • By Jack Law
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We avoid selling "cruelty to animal" products such as monkey picking coconut products. We hope what we eat are from ethical origin.

We use unwanted carton box paper to wrap fragile products instead of plastic bubble wrap. Customer can simply put all paper waste in their recycling bin. 

We strive to use recycled materials like carton boxes and tape, biodegradable plastic bags for our packaging. Though they are of higher cost, we believe our small steps can help the planet. 

For local delivery in Bishop’s Stortford, Harlow and Sawbridegeworth, we use reusable plastic box for delivery. We clean the box after every use to maintain good hygiene. You will never worry about too much rubbish after receiving your order.

Thanks for walking with us!


313 Comment

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