Higashimaru Udon Soup Stock 64g , 8 sachets
東丸 Higashimaru 烏冬湯包關西味 - 8g x 8袋 袋

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8 pack of udon soup stock made from katsuo dried bonito flakes and konbu seaweed. Udon soup stock can also be used with other types of noodles, to simmer vegetables or with oden to add flavour.

Stock, or dashi, is an important part of many Japanese dishes. Ramen, udon noodles, nabe hotpot and even miso soup all rely on good stock bases for their great taste.

How to use
 Udon soup stock is warming and quick to prepare.
For udon soup noodles use 1 sachet of stock and 250ml of water.
For oden broth use 3 sachets of stock and 1L of water.
For seasoned rice use 2 sachets of stock and 3 cups of rice.
For yose nabe hotpot use 2 sachets of stock and 600ml of water.
For ozoni soup use 1 sachet of stock and 500ml of water.
For nabeyaki udon use 1 sachet of stock and 300ml of water.
For nyumen use 1 sachet of stock and 350ml of water.

Salt, powdered light soy sauce (wheat), sugar, glucose, hydrolysed soy bean, spring onion, bonito flakes (fish), kelp, seasoning (amino acids), caramel colouring

Nutrition - 100g
 Energy 808kJ / 193kcal
Fat 0.1g
   of which saturated 0.0g
Carbohydrate 41g
   of which sugars 25g
Protein 7g
Salt 52.6g
Additional Information
 Manufacturer Higashimaru
Origin Japan
Weight 64 g

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